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WORLD CINEMA DAY opens Sunday 10th July with FREE screening @ The V&A ...

 Showcasing a range of family films from Africa, Britain, the Caribbean, and from around the world ...


WORLD CINEMA DAY 2011: Tickets are £5.00 for the afternoon. Available at the museum (subject to availability) Gabriel Media International sales point.


11am: Tales From The Front Room (60 mins) Courtesy of Michael McMillan (This is a FREE screening)

Documentary in which a host of black British names including Funny Black Woman - Angie Le Mar, and Funny Man - Felix Dexter, share memories of their front parlour, a room kept pristine and only for strangers, and one of the colonial teachings which early West Indian immigrants brought back to the mother country.


12 - 1pm: Lunch break and viewings of the - 2011 Generation - Generation Exhibition


13.00pm: Doors open


13.15pm: Safety in numbers (7 mins) Courtesy Barnet Council

Told through the eyes of babes, and starring the producers. Playground politics affects the friendships of young teenage girls. One serious incident later, and relationships awry, will the strength of their childhood unions survive? Set in Barnet, London.


13.30pm: Film shorts Double Billing by British film director: Wade Jacks


In Da Mix (11 mins)

Set in North West London. A group of young boys spend the day together, and go on an adventure, that gets them into an unusual stir. Will homegrown Caribbean traditions prevail?  

Brown Like Me (7 mins) 

Brought up in Yorkshire, an Asian girl is confronted with a dilemna that challenges her to tell her parents, however, confronted with the mental torment of how they'll react, can she face her fear?


14.00pm: Forced to Flee (30 mins) Humanitarian documentary courtesy of Bridge Over Troubled Waters in association with: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Tens of millions of people around the world have been forced to flee their homes, but unlike refugees who are protected by international law, they remain within the borders of thier own country. They are displaced. Set in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) the film tells the terrible hardships they face, and how the push for survival can change lives.


14.45pm: African Animation - Triple Billing In association with: Black History Walks


Bino and Fino's Big Birthday party (6.37 mins) Director: Adamu Waziri

New animation out of Nigeriaa following the adventures of a sister and brother who learn about African history and culture from their elders


The Otherworld (2 mins) Director: Safiya Greensword

London based Safiya interprets a greek legend from an African perspective. A young warrior comes across a beautfiul woman in the water but has to pay a price for his unwated gaze


Mark of Uru (30 mins) Director: Obinna

A young African girl is born with a strange birthmark on her hand. She must go on a long perilous journey while protected by magical warrior princesses to find the secret of her identity


15.50pm: Caribbean Feature: The Solitary Alchemist (70 mins) Director: Mariel Brown (2010)

What happens when talent isn't enough? When, in spite of a life of work, you look around in the autumn of your life and discover that your world is not what you thought it would be...

17.00pm: World Cinema Day 2011 - closes



Advanced bookings strongly advised on the link below - limited seating available


PLEASE NOTE: You will have to book separate tickets for the FREE screening, and WORLD CINEMA afternoon programme. We will only accept printed tickets presented on the day, or those purchased at the GMI Sales Desk, subject to availability on the day.


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This year's programme opens with a DOUBLE BILLING by two of the UK's renown early black filmmakers ...




Sunday 10 July





Ten Bob in Winter

dir. Lloyd Reckford, 1963

(U) – 12 min


This enigmatic short film, shot in black and

white, is fresh and experimental but still light

hearted and accessible. In place of dialogue, the

director narrates in a Jazz Rap style reminiscent

of Langston Hughes, while a sparky Jazz

soundtrack is provided by the Joe Harriott

Quintet. The film traces class tensions within a

black community.


Jemima & Johnny

dir. Lionel Ngakane, 1966

(U) – 28 min


In a West London community divided by racism,

a young white English boy befriends the young

daughter of recent immigrants from the

Caribbean. Followed by an audience with Jim

Pines, writer and lecturer at the University

of Luton, Earl Cameron OBE and guests.

Courtesy of the British Film Institute




A Presentation by His Excellency High

Commissioner Dr Carl Roberts


Discover the history and landscape of these

islands. Antiguans and Barbadians are

descendants of the Sibony, and West Africans

taken to the islands as part of the slave trade.

The 17th century sugar industry has left its mark

on the landscape today. Antigua is the home of

cricketers Curtley Ambrose, Richie Richardson

and Sir Vivian Richards, Sailing Week and yacht

regattas, St Johns Cathedral and Shirley

Heights. It boasts well preserved coral reefs,

ruins and shipwrecks, beautiful beaches and

bird life.


A Carnival History

dir. Clarence Thompson, 2008,

(U) – 30 min


This rare film tells the history of the Carnival

tradition which has spread from Africa to the

Caribbean and Europe. Followed by an audience

with Clarence Thompson MBE and founder of

the 'Ebony Steel Band', Pepe

Francis, MBE.


Claudia Jones - A Woman of Our Times

Courtesy of Black History Walks,

(U) – 60 min


Journalist Claudia Jones arrived in Britain

aboard the Royal Navy ship Queen Elizabeth in

1955. She produced Britain’s first black

newspaper in 1958 and was instrumental in

setting up the Notting Hill Carnival in 1959.

Followed by an audience with Tony Warner,

founder of Black History Walks, and guest:

Professor Gus John.


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We open the day in musical form, and get sporty along the way, and end with a fashion special ...


Monday 11 July





dir. Horace Ove CBE, 1970, (PG) – 60 min


The first film about Reggae music to be

produced in Britain and features the first major

UK Reggae concert, at Wembley. Reggae

illustrates the social and political messages

behind the music in Britain and the Caribbean,

narrated by the Jamaican writer Andrew Salkey.

Followed by 'An Audience with Joel Karamath',

London College of Communications, film

director Horace Ove and invited guests.


Walter’s War

dir. Alrick Ailey, 2008, (PG) – 60 min


Walter’s War tells the story of Walter Tull, the

first black man to join the British Army and the

second black man to play professional football

in Britain. Followed by an audience with Rodney

Hinds, broadcaster, writer and Sports Editor of

The Voice newspaper, and guests including

football talent agent: Sky Andrews, and film

the film's director and BAFTA winner

Alrick Riley and biographer Phil Vasili.


Vidal Sassoon – The Movie

dir. Craig Teper, 2008, (PG) – 90 min


This documentary traces Sassoon’s path from a

London orphanage to international success and

celebrity. From Carnaby Street to Notting Hill,

the influence of Caribbean style, hair and

fashion was prevalent in the 1960's.

This closing feature will followed by

'An interactive Audience participation session,

including prizes for the best dressed 60's



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Who's who at the 2011 Caribbean UK Film Festival ...

JOIN US as we journey through time to the 1960's with a number of prominent, and distinguished delegates and guests, who are predominantly legendary 'firsts' in British society sharing their knowledge on the genre:

Confirmed delegates include ...

Author, lecturer, cinematic historian and film critic: Jim Pines. Editor of the first Black newspaper in the 1960's: Author and historian - Donald Hinds. Curator of The West Indian Front Room: Dr. Michael McMillan

Share sporting memories with 'The Voice of Sport' Rodney Hinds, British Olympic gold medallist, Talent scout and Football agent - Sky Andrews and renown childhood star, Bafta Award recipient, producer and director of Walter's War: Alrick Riley.

You'll be thoroughly entertained and educated in 'A Carnival History', a documentary produced especially for the film festival charting carnival's generational journey by Clarence Thompson MBE.

If education inspires you renown academic Professor Gus John will have your brain tingling with a quest for more and more knowledge. Should history and heritage peak your interest then join: Founder of 'The Black History Walks & Tours' Tony Warner and guests: Laurie Phillpotts  If style inspires you then join in the conversation following the screening of the last official London screening of Vidal Sassoon - The Movie

For lovers of music from pop to rock, ska, motown, see the film: REGGAE and meet Founder of Britain's leading steel panists: Ebony Steelband's: Pepe Francis and founder of hottest nightspot in town during the 60's founder and owner of 'The People's Club,' entrepreneur - Wilbert Campbell aka Count Suckle in conversation with Pathway Leader (BA Hons) Media and Graphic Design at London College of Communications: Joel Karamath

With more to be announced in every category sharing insights and memories with their younger counterparts and 'you' the audience.

The weekend will be faciliated by actor Geff Francis (Ashes to Ashes, BBC1, Desmonds, C4) and CharlesThompson MBE: CEO and founder of the Screen Nation Awards.

Click for DAY PASS



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WORLD CINEMA DAY opens with FREE screening at 'The V&A', this Sunday, 10th of July ...

Gabriel Media International have today announced the opening title of the forthcomng 'Caribbean Film Festival.' Launching this weekend with a day of world cinema, the FREE SCREENING will be ...

Showcasing a plethora of films about Britain and the Caribbean provided by filmmakers from around the world, the event launches the forthcoming 'Caribbean Film Festival', taking place across the UK this September, with an inaugural day of world cinema from 11am, in the beautiful surroundings of London's Victoria and Albert Museum.


The opening feature has been announced as 'The West Indian Front Room', and will be screened courtesy of curator, turned film producer: Dr. Michael McMillan and is FREE to attend!


Tickets are offered on a first come, first served basis. Simply register your details and bring the printed copy of your ticket with you to gain entry.


Get your £5.00 ALL DAY tickets today! Tickets

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Film Festival flyer - back

Learn more about this year's film festival and exhibition here ...

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Film Festival flyer - front

Agatha Hart, and Donald Hinds were two of the first bus conductors in the 1960's ...

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Shown from two visual perspectives CUKFF 2011 invites you to this 'free' display charting the contributions of Caribbeans to British society through their PUBLIC SERVICES to the forces, healthcare, transportation and industry during the period.

Gabriel Media International charts a historical timeline in partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum's learning and interpretation division:


(c) The Transport Museum for GMI

Througout the two days visitors to this interactive family event can view footage of the Caribbean and see a display and presentation on the history of Carnival following its roots in Africa, its journey to the Caribbean, into Europe and relevance to Notting Hill.

HORACE OVE, CBE was the first black actor, filmmaker and photographer to breakthrough in the 1960's with his role as an extra in the epic Cleopatra. He went on to chart the Black British experience through his work in film, and was later declared a 'pioneer' by the British Film Institute (BFI) in its retrospective history "100 Years of Cinema".

A SPECIAL FEATURE of the 2011 display honours the photographic work of Horace Ove, CBE. Depicted in black and white, this exhibition provides a snapshot into the works of Oves' artistic genius. Highlights include an exclusive picture of the late Malcolm X and images of 1960's Britain.


Image subject to copyright: Courtesy of The Transport Museum

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The largest of the British Leeward Islands, is about 14 miles long and 11 miles wide, encompassing 108 square miles. Its highest point is Boggy Peak (1319 ft.), located in the southwestern corner of the island.


Barbuda, a flat coral island with an area of only 68 square miles, lies approximately 30 miles due north. The nation also includes the tiny (0.6 square mile) uninhabited island of Redonda, now a nature preserve


History dates back to Antigua's discovery by Admiral Horatio Nelson. Focus on the islands will accompany a film presentation by his excellency DR. CARL ROBERTS, High Commissioner for ANTUGUA & BARBUDA.




Showing as part of the CUKFF, 2011 on Sunday 10th July. For bookings click on the link.

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GMI publishes new film festival website ...

Welcome to GMI’s official film festival website. We'll be keeping you posted with regular updates, competitions, and news as it happens on the journey towards the 3rd C UK FF, and G2G Exhibition.

We've listened to filmmakers requests and created a new event enabling you all to SUBMIT YOUR FILMS for screening as part of this year's event!

To find out more visit: Caribbean Film Festival where you'll be able to submit your entries and upload your FILM TRAILERS to the film festival website.

From July 4th, 2011





Audiences around the world will be able to view your "film trailers" on-line and vote for their favourites, which we'll screen at the 1st annual Caribbean Film Festival running from 10-15th July, 2011. But more on this another time!

For everyone that loves a bargain visit the FILM FESTIVAL BOOKING PAGE to grab the final discounted tickets now!

Once again the film festival and Generation - Generation Exhibition will take place at various locations around the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of the venue's heritage programme. Running from 10th-11th July we have a packed programme of activities for adult and family audiences to enjoy.

Join in the fun! The theme is the 1960's and you're invited to come dressed in all the glam and rage of the genre. We'd love to share and archive your pictures, films, footage and memorabilia from the genre, which we'll be sharing on the website, in the festival publicity and at special screenings thoughout the events. Thanks to everyone that's contributed so far! To participate click on Contact Us on this site, and send a message letting us know what you'd like to contribute and we'll take it from there.

In the meantime take a tour of this film festival site to view the programme.

Follow this link to BOOK your tickets & RESERVE your Souvenir Magazine.

With an even bigger event planned for this year's CARIBBEAN UK FILM FESTIVAL 2011 we'll back soon we've updates and announcements, including news on the 'Olympic' title holder who'll be joining guests on the 'Celebrity Sofa' in 'An Audience With ...' taking place after each screening at this year's "C UK Film Festival", incorporating the Caribbean Film Festival screening with more dates and locations to be announced in the coming weeks, including news about the inaugural 'British Caribbean Heritage Awards.' Reserve your copy of the 'Souvenir Magazine' to book 'NOMINATE' your favourite heroes and heroines of the genre!


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