Shown from two visual perspectives CUKFF 2011 invites you to this 'free' display charting the contributions of Caribbeans to British society through their PUBLIC SERVICES to the forces, healthcare, transportation and industry during the period.

Gabriel Media International charts a historical timeline in partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum's learning and interpretation division:


(c) The Transport Museum for GMI

Througout the two days visitors to this interactive family event can view footage of the Caribbean and see a display and presentation on the history of Carnival following its roots in Africa, its journey to the Caribbean, into Europe and relevance to Notting Hill.

HORACE OVE, CBE was the first black actor, filmmaker and photographer to breakthrough in the 1960's with his role as an extra in the epic Cleopatra. He went on to chart the Black British experience through his work in film, and was later declared a 'pioneer' by the British Film Institute (BFI) in its retrospective history "100 Years of Cinema".

A SPECIAL FEATURE of the 2011 display honours the photographic work of Horace Ove, CBE. Depicted in black and white, this exhibition provides a snapshot into the works of Oves' artistic genius. Highlights include an exclusive picture of the late Malcolm X and images of 1960's Britain.


Image subject to copyright: Courtesy of The Transport Museum