Showcasing a range of family films from Africa, Britain, the Caribbean, and from around the world ...


WORLD CINEMA DAY 2011: Tickets are £5.00 for the afternoon. Available at the museum (subject to availability) Gabriel Media International sales point.


11am: Tales From The Front Room (60 mins) Courtesy of Michael McMillan (This is a FREE screening)

Documentary in which a host of black British names including Funny Black Woman - Angie Le Mar, and Funny Man - Felix Dexter, share memories of their front parlour, a room kept pristine and only for strangers, and one of the colonial teachings which early West Indian immigrants brought back to the mother country.


12 - 1pm: Lunch break and viewings of the - 2011 Generation - Generation Exhibition


13.00pm: Doors open


13.15pm: Safety in numbers (7 mins) Courtesy Barnet Council

Told through the eyes of babes, and starring the producers. Playground politics affects the friendships of young teenage girls. One serious incident later, and relationships awry, will the strength of their childhood unions survive? Set in Barnet, London.


13.30pm: Film shorts Double Billing by British film director: Wade Jacks


In Da Mix (11 mins)

Set in North West London. A group of young boys spend the day together, and go on an adventure, that gets them into an unusual stir. Will homegrown Caribbean traditions prevail?  

Brown Like Me (7 mins) 

Brought up in Yorkshire, an Asian girl is confronted with a dilemna that challenges her to tell her parents, however, confronted with the mental torment of how they'll react, can she face her fear?


14.00pm: Forced to Flee (30 mins) Humanitarian documentary courtesy of Bridge Over Troubled Waters in association with: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Tens of millions of people around the world have been forced to flee their homes, but unlike refugees who are protected by international law, they remain within the borders of thier own country. They are displaced. Set in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) the film tells the terrible hardships they face, and how the push for survival can change lives.


14.45pm: African Animation - Triple Billing In association with: Black History Walks


Bino and Fino's Big Birthday party (6.37 mins) Director: Adamu Waziri

New animation out of Nigeriaa following the adventures of a sister and brother who learn about African history and culture from their elders


The Otherworld (2 mins) Director: Safiya Greensword

London based Safiya interprets a greek legend from an African perspective. A young warrior comes across a beautfiul woman in the water but has to pay a price for his unwated gaze


Mark of Uru (30 mins) Director: Obinna

A young African girl is born with a strange birthmark on her hand. She must go on a long perilous journey while protected by magical warrior princesses to find the secret of her identity


15.50pm: Caribbean Feature: The Solitary Alchemist (70 mins) Director: Mariel Brown (2010)

What happens when talent isn't enough? When, in spite of a life of work, you look around in the autumn of your life and discover that your world is not what you thought it would be...

17.00pm: World Cinema Day 2011 - closes



Advanced bookings strongly advised on the link below - limited seating available


PLEASE NOTE: You will have to book separate tickets for the FREE screening, and WORLD CINEMA afternoon programme. We will only accept printed tickets presented on the day, or those purchased at the GMI Sales Desk, subject to availability on the day.