We open the day in musical form, and get sporty along the way, and end with a fashion special ...


Monday 11 July





dir. Horace Ove CBE, 1970, (PG) – 60 min


The first film about Reggae music to be

produced in Britain and features the first major

UK Reggae concert, at Wembley. Reggae

illustrates the social and political messages

behind the music in Britain and the Caribbean,

narrated by the Jamaican writer Andrew Salkey.

Followed by 'An Audience with Joel Karamath',

London College of Communications, film

director Horace Ove and invited guests.


Walter’s War

dir. Alrick Ailey, 2008, (PG) – 60 min


Walter’s War tells the story of Walter Tull, the

first black man to join the British Army and the

second black man to play professional football

in Britain. Followed by an audience with Rodney

Hinds, broadcaster, writer and Sports Editor of

The Voice newspaper, and guests including

football talent agent: Sky Andrews, and film

the film's director and BAFTA winner

Alrick Riley and biographer Phil Vasili.


Vidal Sassoon – The Movie

dir. Craig Teper, 2008, (PG) – 90 min


This documentary traces Sassoon’s path from a

London orphanage to international success and

celebrity. From Carnaby Street to Notting Hill,

the influence of Caribbean style, hair and

fashion was prevalent in the 1960's.

This closing feature will followed by

'An interactive Audience participation session,

including prizes for the best dressed 60's